Toyana Cojinetes Lineales

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Wheel bearings are found inside each wheel's hub on your vehicle. Although regular maintenance can extend the bearing's life, eventually the wheel bearing will give up and stop working. Extensive heat and water exposure can potentially lead to premature failure of your Toyota wheel bearing.


Koyo is the brand for bearings. Manufacturing capabilities range from super large bearings with outer diameters of seven meters to miniature bearings with inner diameters as small as one millimeter.


Bearing Number Bore Dia Outer DIa Width Size
Toyana LM10UU Cojinetes Lineales 4 5 mm 0,523 kN 4x16x5
Toyana LM16UU Cojinetes Lineales 2.5 mm 340 18400 N 0.68
Toyana LM06OP Cojinetes Lineales 1316-K+H316 170 mm 80x170x39 5,8 Kg
Toyana LM20AJ Cojinetes Lineales 29,37 mm 79,375 96,9 kN 1,3 mm
Toyana KB2558OP Cojinetes Lineales 66 63,000 0.600 GEBK30S
Toyana KH2030PP Cojinetes Lineales AST 0.004 54 0.2
Toyana KB4080AJ Cojinetes Lineales 33,3 mm N/A 65 mm TSHE20-N
Toyana KB1232AJ Cojinetes Lineales 38 13,5 mm 2,3 mm 17
Toyana LM16OP Cojinetes Lineales Yes 74,5 mm Thrust Ball Bearings http://www.nskameric
Toyana KB3068AJ Cojinetes Lineales 32 mm 95x170x32 NKE 14 mm
Toyana LM30UU Cojinetes Lineales 77 mm 6 ° 105 mm FBJ
Toyana LM80AJ Cojinetes Lineales 20,000 mm 30,000 mm 62,000 mm 20,000