Cojinetes de rodillos

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Roller bearings extend the working life of wheels, pulleys, fans, pumps, compressors, and other rotating parts by reducing friction and enabling parts to move smoothly. They have a wide, flat bearing to provide stability in high-speed applications with high radial loads.

A rolling-element bearing, also known as a rolling bearing, is a bearing which carries a load by placing rolling elements (such as balls or rollers) between two bearing rings called races. The relative motion of the races causes the rolling elements to roll with very little rolling resistance and with little sliding.


SKF BFSB 353312/HA1 Rodillos y mantenimiento de componentes de suspensión

2400 49.212
3.5 111,125

SKF BFSB 353210 Cojinetes personalizados

SEA12 7CE3 12
6,4 mm 15,1 mm

SKF BFSB 353901/HA4 Cojinetes tensos

116.7 22
NSK 4 mm

SKF 351573 Cojinetes de rodillo

3 mm 5 mm
0.0015 kg 3x9x5

SKF BFSB 353247 Cojinetes de rodillos

AST 2.000
220,000 55

SKF BFSB 353201 Cojinetes de empuje

7200 kN 120 mm
280 375 mm

SKF BFSB 353285/HA4 Rodillos y mantenimiento de componentes de suspensión

Radial 100 N/mm²
6 ° 40.786

SKF BFS 8000/HA1 Cojinetes personalizados

2 3,5 mm
3,5 7

SKF 350998 Cojinetes tensos

70x125x24 1.5 mm
NACHI 116 mm

SKF 353164 Cojinetes de rodillo

21 mm 35 mm
80 35x80x21

SKF BFSB 353205 Cojinetes de rodillos

37,6 mm YEL207-104-2F
1 mm 25,5 kN

SKF 351468 A Cojinetes de empuje

60x110x31 60 mm
ISO 31 mm